Program highlights include:

- Professional Coaching - we offer a great staff of experienced coaches.

- Individual Baseball Skills Assessment - identifying strengths as well as areas for improvement.

- Personal Developmental Plan - develop the player's skills & knowledge.

- Practice twice weekly - including field and indoor practices.

- One on One Private Lessons - each season will include private lessons.

- Armory Training System - first and only facility in NC to have this system.

- Tournaments

- FREE Membership to the HQ4 facility for the season

The goal of the Clippers developmental travel team program (9U - 17U) is to teach players the skills and game knowledge needed to advance their game to the highest level of play.  The program is designed to train players on the physical and mental aspects of the game, so they will know what it takes to make a top high school baseball program and continue on to the next level.The best baseball training and development in Charlotte - HQ4Clippers Travel Baseball Program.

Fun on the Field:

We strongly believe that proper training leads to success on the field, which leads to the players having more fun! Our teams participate in local travel ball tournaments put on by Nations Baseball, USSSA, etc.


Mitchell Painter has signed with North Greenville University


Administrative Staff:

Al Dahlgren- President - The program is managed by Al Dahlgren, President and Owner of HQ4Baseball. Al has over 18 years experience in youth baseball, managing leagues and travel teams, and developing training programs that have helped players prepare for the next level of competition.

Elizabeth Dahlgren - Manager of Player Administration & Communication - Any questions or concerns regarding tryouts, schedules, payments, conduct, etc. are handled by Elizabeth. She can be reached at

Position Specific Training: Our one on one Private Training provide players with position specific training such as pitching, hitting, infield play, outfield play, catcher, etc. Senior Coaches teach our players the fine points of their positions.

We believe in the fundamentals

Spring 2016 Tryouts

10U & 15U Black


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Congrats to our 15U Grey Team for winning the Crystal Carolina Sports Team of Excellence Award!

Jalen Benjamin

has signed with Southeastern Community College

Logan Redmond

has signed with Belmont Abbey College

Focus on the Basics:

We believe that every player needs a solid foundation in the basics of the game. We constantly reinforce the importance of proper hitting, throwing, and fielding techniques in all of our training sessions.

Consistency in Training:

Our program provides the same training experience regardless of age or skill level. All of our coaches follow specific practice plans that were carefully developed by our Administrative Staff in order to provide your player with the most rewarding experience possible.